Prioritize Like a Pro

This training will help you prioritize and be more productive. Prioritizing tasks ensures that you meet your most important goals first. Focusing on the most important tasks can help you determine what you can let go, giving you more free time. 

Learning Objectives

  • Define Prioritization 
  • Describe the Benefits of the Eisenhower Matrix 
  • Use the Eisenhower Matrix to Prioritize Time

IT Security Awareness

This training will educate you on the various types of ways that malicious hackers attempt to gain information and access to computer systems. It is your responsibility to be the front lines for the company and to report any malicious activity that you see. This training will help you identify malicious activity and educate you on how to mitigate risk when conducting business online.


Establish best practices on Skype for Business and get insights into how to deploy the solution for your business and support your business' internal stakeholders. Learn about the best practices that Microsoft created and employed to design, develop, deploy, and operate Skype for Business. Examine past, current, and future IM, voice, phone, social networking, and conferencing (audio/video) implementations to ensure end user devices are supported. This course combines presentations, discussions, and demonstrations in an on-demand setting and covers various topics, including architecture, planning, operations, maintenance, and support of Skype for Business.


Learn how to use Twitter to connect with your customers' passions, share their opinions, and find out whats happening in the world right now. Because people are in a discovery mindset when they're on Twitter, open to interacting with new businesses and new people. Twitter gives you access to whats going on in your industry, community, and around the world at that very moment. Use Twitter search to listen to the relevant conversations that are happening and jump in where you can add value. Increase your impact by using Twitter to regularly communicate with your followers and attract new followers. Twitter allows you to follow and interact with people outside of your personal network. Its a great way of joining or even starting discussions with influencers and industry experts to raise the profile of your business and build valuable connections. 

Learning Objectives:

  • Customers discover whats happening right now 
  • Grow your brand awareness 
  • Provide timely customer service 
  • Connect with potential customers, brand advocates, and influencers

Professional Selling Skills

Many salespeople fall into the trap of talking too much. They just can't wait to tell customers all about the features or benefits their product/service will bring or how great their company is without first understanding the needs and desires of the customer which is not the best approach to selling. This sales training program will guide participants towards uncovering the "right" skill set and mindset a professional salesperson should possess. From controlling conversations with customers to asking the right questions to uncover customer's needs, this program will enhance sales staff's ability to connect better with customers, overcome objections and close the sale confidently and effectively delivering commercial and sales objectives. The core of this program teaches a more effective and more professional sales approach that primarily depends on asking a series of questions in a specific order that will enable you to find out your customer needs and not only uncover problems, but also ask questions that make the customer realize that the problem he has been chugging along with comfortably is now too big to ignore. 

Learning Objectives

  • Understand what is needed to have both the right skill set and mindset to sell. 
  • Connect better with customers, overcome objections and close sales confidently and effectively to achieve sales targets. 
  • Learn and practice an effective sales questioning technique that will increase the likelihood of making a sale by better understanding customer needs while maintaining a great customer experience. 
  • Understand the major behavioral styles and personality types and how to sell to each buyer type.

Effective Listening

There's a world of difference between hearing and listening. Effective listening doesn't come naturally, which is why this training course is ideal for all employees within an organization. When employees actively listen, they pay full attention, listen between the lines, notice nonverbal communication and ask the right questions. What employees will learn during this training will transform their personal and professional interactions whether one-on-one or in meetings and lead to more rewarding and meaningful communication with everyone in their life. 

Learning Objectives: 

  • How to define a good listener 
  • Assessment of personal listening skills 
  • Keys to effective listening 
  • What prevents employees from being good active listeners 
  • Importance of nonverbal communication 
  • How to ask the right questions