Indoor Hydroponic Grower Certification

Hydroponics has swept the world with its growing benefits and has quickly become a major cannabis production technology and has proved to have several advantages over soil gardening. The rate of cannabis growth when cultivated hydroponically is 30 – 50% faster than soil growing under the same conditions and the yield of each harvest typically results in a larger production.

Using hydroponics indoors allows you cultivate cannabis year-round, regardless of the season outside. Growing indoors requires you to artificially create indoors what the outdoors naturally supplies: water, nutrients, light, cooling (or warmth) and ventilation.

Growing cannabis indoors can be an efficient, clean and rewarding enterprise with a self-contained hydroponic system, so you will learn everything needed to get started, including trays, pumps, tips and tricks, nutrients, timers, growing media and much more. Learn to apply the needed technical skills using hydroponic-technology and its application being placed on production for cannabis.

Indoor Soil Grower Certification

The Indoor Soil Grower Certification provides all the knowledge to create an indoor “artificial” growing environment to cultivate cannabis that is like growing outdoors in nature. You will learn to expertly grow cannabis with artificial lighting along with using amendments and natural fertilizers to replenish soil nutrients. Growing indoors using soil is even more productive than growing outdoors.

Great lighting and soil are the most important component needed for growing cannabis indoors, so you will learn how rich, nourishing soil is the key to beautiful gardens as well as prevention of disease and pest control. In this certification, you will learn to enjoy soil growing cannabis indoors all year long, as you will be harvesting your own cannabis in the dead of winter or heat of summer.

Growing indoor cannabis using soil containers is easy to learn and a great method to gain experience cultivating your garden. However, it requires preparation and there are lots of options for growing methods. Educated decisions need to be made throughout the entire lifecycle to successfully grow cannabis in soil indoors.

Dispensary Technician Certification

Dispensary Technicians (also known as Budtenders) in both medical and recreational dispensaries play a variety of roles for the customer. You must play the role of an educator; working with the patient or customer to find the strain that best suits their needs, or educating consumers on the federal and state laws surrounding its use.

Our Dispensary Technician Certification trains you on all the important aspects of cannabis, so that you may provide education to customers as well as compassionate recommendations for the patients that you serve. Education is a powerful tool for you to attract new customers, increase positive community relationships, and ensuring the safe operation of the dispensary.

You will receive the training for the most popular position in a cannabis dispensary, the “Budtender.” As the industry is rapidly growing in legitimacy, our Dispensary Technician Certification will provide you with the skill-set and knowledge needed to succeed in this position. Our training and certification curriculum will equip an individual with the knowledge necessary to be a valuable member of the dispensary team.

Greenhouse Grower Certification

Planning a greenhouse is not the easiest task. There are many intertwined components and several sizes of each. This certification introduces you to small-scale commercial greenhouse production and helps to develop the decision-making skills needed to design, supervise and grow in a greenhouse.

Greenhouse Grower Certification will provide you with the comprehensive training to operate greenhouses and outdoor frames to successfully cultivate cannabis using the power of sunlight. Learn the design and use of enclosed structures to manipulate controlled environments, effects on growth as applied to cannabis, as well as production and the seasonal process of cultivating outdoors.

With the high cost of electricity to cultivate commercial gardens indoors, greenhouses provide the ability for higher production yields and the ability to lower costs using natural sunlight.  This certification is intended for those going into or already working in the cannabis industry. Much of the time online requires study of greenhouse structures, heating systems, plant nutrition, soil media formulation, and pest management.

Outdoor Grower Certification

The Outdoor Grower Certification provides you comprehensive training for outdoor growing needed to be successful at cultivating cannabis outdoors for the cannabis industry. Outdoor growing has many advantages, the primary being the power of the sun! Not only is sunlight free, it is also the best possible light we can give our plants.

All plants – including cannabis – have evolved for thousands, if not millions of years under the sun’s natural light. For the first-time grower with limited resources, an indoor grow can prove too costly to be an option, but an outdoor garden can yield plenty of quality cannabis without a large monetary investment.

To successfully grow cannabis outdoors is not as easy as most think. There are dozens of factors that must be perfectly controlled when growing outdoors. To grow a quality cannabis outdoors, it is necessary to be properly trained to approach growing as a business. Growing outside simply means fresh air, natural sunlight, soil between your hands and the ability to easily grow cannabis in its natural environment.

Indoor Grower Certification

Indoor Grower Certification presents comprehensive information on how to successfully cultivate cannabis indoors, for anyone wanting to become an expert in the craft of growing cannabis. Growing cannabis indoors can seem complicated, yet most of the time it is because growers do not have the right information and do not know the important techniques of cultivating in an “artificial” indoor environment.

An important skill set you will learn is how cannabis can be grown indoors at any time of the year. When cultivating indoors you learn a variety of techniques in which growers utilize multiple growing areas to ensure that there are always plants in both the flowering stage and in the vegetative stage.

As opposed to growing outdoors, this Indoor Grower Certification will teach you how you can make growing areas out of closets, basements, attics, and enclosed rooms where cannabis can be cultivated using a wide-range of cultivation methods, such as using soil or hydroponic systems. Our certification is easy-to-understand, trains you on exactly what you need to know, and is the most comprehensive indoor growing education certification in the cannabis industry.

Master Grower Certification

Master Growers are a unique breed, and the best of the bunch are passionate about their garden, highly dependable, and thrive on exposure to new and different horticulture techniques. The Master Grower role is often the most coveted position in medical cannabis because their processes are considered trade secrets, and rightfully so – successfully cultivating cannabis on a large scale is no simple task.

Whether you have experience with horticulture or are new to it, this certification offers specialized training for the cannabis industry that will maximize your productivity. You will learn the fundamentals needed to run a successful growing operation from seed germination, basics of watering, the necessary lighting, air ventilation, growing cycles, cloning cannabis, genetics and strain selection along with many, many more topics.

You will learn what hurdles to expect and how to address common problems that every seasoned Master Grower will encounter during the lifecycle of growing cannabis. Our training teaches you how to grow cannabis hydroponically as well as organic methods such as soil and other growing mediums or systems.

The Master Grower Certification will help you to uncover the secrets from experienced growers, so you can be successful from the start of your career working in the cannabis industry.