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Aquaponic Gardening Guide

marijuana aquaponicsPages: 241

eBook File Size: 15.2MB

Publisher: Aquaponic Gardening Guide

Language: English

Note: In addition to receiving the "Aquaponic Gardening Guide" we have prepared a Special Report for Medical Marijuana Aquaponics that you will receive too.


Textbook Description

Aquaponic gardening is a sustainable food production system that combines the best of hydroponics (growing plants without soil) and aquaculture (raising aquatic animals in tanks) in a mutually beneficial environment.

The fishes’ waste supplies the nutrition (or “food”) for plants to grow healthy in the aquaponic system. And it is a remarkably easy method to grow organic fruits, herbs, and vegetables in your home while at the same time raising fish you can watch for entertainment or even eat for dinner.

The Aquaponic Gardening Guide is the ultimate guide for the “do it yourself” (DIY) enthusiast who wants to learn everything about aquaponics.

You will learn what you need to design, build, and maintain an aquaponic system that will produce delicious, fresh, and organic food supply all year round.

This guide provides the essential knowledge to effectively manage the 5 main inputs of a marijuana aquaponic system, which are:

  1. Water
  2. Oxygen
  3. Light
  4. Feed - given to the aquatic animals
  5. Electricity - pump, filter, and oxygenate the water

In this guide you will learn the best practices to maintain the aquaculture in a system and about the most popular fishes for home (or commercial projects) that produce fish you can eat.

It is easy to be healthy when you grow 100% organic food (and medical marijuana) at home that has several advantages over other gardening methods or systems. Advantages include no weeding, tilling, diseases or pests to deal with in addition you do not need to fertilize, compost, or dig in soil again.

The Aquaponic Gardening Guides starts with the history of hydroponics and an insight into aquaculture.

It also explains how these two systems are combined to create an aquaponic system and the guide goes on to explain the “ins-and-outs” of:

  • Marijuana Aquaponic Fundamentals
  • Aquaponic Options and Alternatives
  • Designing An Aquaponic System
  • Choosing System Components
  • Marijuana Aquaponics Location
  • Environmental Factors and Controls
  • Fish, Plants, Worms and Bacteria Components
  • Supplementation and Feeding
  • Marijuana Aquaponic System Cycling Methods
  • Starting, Running, and Maintaining a Healthy System

Anyone who wants to take the next step to create a sustainable food production will be thrilled by this well-illustrated and practical aquaponics guide that makes it easy to get started.

Learn from the experience of industry leaders so you understand how to design, build and maintain an aquaponics system in your home or even start a commercial aquaponics farm.

Marijuana Grower Guide

marijuana grower guide

Pages: 392

eBook File Size: 27.6 MB

Publisher: Green CulturED

Language: English

CulturED Marijuana Grower Guide covers the basic knowledge through to advance growing techniques to legally grow medical marijuana.

This is an authoritative book with an emphasis on the day-to-day aspects of maintaining a garden and how to acquire the expertise that growers will need to enjoy a successful harvest.

While there are many growers who have their “style” of growing, it doesn’t translate into all other types of growing methods that will fit “your style” of growing.

Out of the many options you have to grow medical marijuana, our guide will ensure you understand all of the choices you have available and what will best suit your “style” of growing.

This eBook ensures that even the novice can grow high-quality medical marijuana without overwhelming technical language.

Our faculty contributed their expert knowledge into this book so you know everything that you need to grow medical marijuana so anyone can use this expert information.

The CulturED Marijuana Grower Guide is the textbook for our online college for medical marijuana and the cannabis industry.

It is a step-by-step guide to grow medical marijuana that is aimed for all levels of experience, from the newbie just starting out, to the more knowledgeable growers who want to find new tips or read about new methods.

This book will help ensure that growers enjoy a successful medical marijuana harvest.