Indoor Grower Certification presents comprehensive information on how to successfully cultivate cannabis indoors, for anyone wanting to become an expert in the craft of growing cannabis. Growing cannabis indoors can seem complicated, yet most of the time it is because growers do not have the right information and do not know the important techniques of cultivating in an “artificial” indoor environment.

An important skill set you will learn is how cannabis can be grown indoors at any time of the year. When cultivating indoors you learn a variety of techniques in which growers utilize multiple growing areas to ensure that there are always plants in both the flowering stage and in the vegetative stage.

As opposed to growing outdoors, this Indoor Grower Certification will teach you how you can make growing areas out of closets, basements, attics, and enclosed rooms where cannabis can be cultivated using a wide-range of cultivation methods, such as using soil or hydroponic systems. Our certification is easy-to-understand, trains you on exactly what you need to know, and is the most comprehensive indoor growing education certification in the cannabis industry.