The Indoor Soil Grower Certification provides all the knowledge to create an indoor “artificial” growing environment to cultivate cannabis that is like growing outdoors in nature. You will learn to expertly grow cannabis with artificial lighting along with using amendments and natural fertilizers to replenish soil nutrients. Growing indoors using soil is even more productive than growing outdoors.

Great lighting and soil are the most important component needed for growing cannabis indoors, so you will learn how rich, nourishing soil is the key to beautiful gardens as well as prevention of disease and pest control. In this certification, you will learn to enjoy soil growing cannabis indoors all year long, as you will be harvesting your own cannabis in the dead of winter or heat of summer.

Growing indoor cannabis using soil containers is easy to learn and a great method to gain experience cultivating your garden. However, it requires preparation and there are lots of options for growing methods. Educated decisions need to be made throughout the entire lifecycle to successfully grow cannabis in soil indoors.