Hydroponics has swept the world with its growing benefits and has quickly become a major cannabis production technology and has proved to have several advantages over soil gardening. The rate of cannabis growth when cultivated hydroponically is 30 – 50% faster than soil growing under the same conditions and the yield of each harvest typically results in a larger production.

Using hydroponics indoors allows you cultivate cannabis year-round, regardless of the season outside. Growing indoors requires you to artificially create indoors what the outdoors naturally supplies: water, nutrients, light, cooling (or warmth) and ventilation.

Growing cannabis indoors can be an efficient, clean and rewarding enterprise with a self-contained hydroponic system, so you will learn everything needed to get started, including trays, pumps, tips and tricks, nutrients, timers, growing media and much more. Learn to apply the needed technical skills using hydroponic-technology and its application being placed on production for cannabis.