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Glossary: Industry Terms

Ampere (or Amp)

The unit used to measure the strength of an electric current.


A plant having staminate (male).


Pollinated by wind-dispersed pollen.


A plant that normally completes its entire life cycle in one year or less - cannabis is an annual plant.

Arc Tube

Container for luminous gases; houses the arc in an High-Intensity Discharge (HID) lamp.


A term used to describe the general smell and/or taste of a certain plant or flower. Because consumers’ individual definition of aromas (such as 'earthy,' 'skunky,' 'citrus,' etc.) can differ somewhat, aroma descriptions are meant as a basic guideline.

Asexual Propagation

Reproducing using non-sexual means such as taking cuttings from a parent plant - will produce exact genetic replicas of the parent plant.


The process of shatter or taffy changing consistency into a budder form. Auto-buddering occurs if a product is kept in too high of heat if it has high wax content or a variety of other environmental factors.


Classification of plant hormones, auxins are responsible for foliage and root elongation.



A type of breeding method that involves crossing a progeny with one of the most desirable original parental genotypes. In cannabis breeding, a hybrid plant is bred with one of its parents to maintain the desired traits of the original parent and enhance those with recessive genes.