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Glossary: Industry Terms


Extremely small, single-celled organisms that usually have a cell wall and reproduce by cell division.

Bag Seed

The common term that is given to a seed of unknown origin that was found in a bag of cannabis.


A stabilizing unit that regulates the flow of electricity and starts an High-Intensity Discharge (HID) lamp - a ballast consists of a transformer and a capacitor.

Beneficial Insect

A good insect that eats bad, cannabis-munching insects.


Bhang is frequently used as a synonym for cannabis flowers, though the word itself originally refers to a cannabis-infused beverage produced in the Indian subcontinent. This beverage is occasionally prepared with raw, unheated flowers and is not considered a drug. Sometimes, however, it is heated during preparation and thus made with activated cannabinoids.


To decompose through natural bacterial action - substances made of organic matter can be broken down naturally.


The production of a chemical compound by a plant.


The process of creating hash oil by passing a solvent through the cannabis plant material.


Household laundry bleach is used in a mild water solution to sterilize grow rooms and as soil fungicide.

Blood Meal

High-nitrogen organic fertilizer made from dried blood.