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Glossary: Industry Terms


A byproduct slime that forms as the result of dabbing - it's essentially the resin-equivalent of an oil rig. You can smoke it, but, like resin, many people find it gross, smelly, and undesirable. It also looks pretty ugly in your uncleaned rig.


Hydroponic system that reclaims the nutrient solution and recycles it.


Recreational drug use is used to intentionally change one’s state of consciousness in order to produce feelings of elation. In the cannabis industry, recreational cannabis can be purchased at a recreational dispensary by anyone who is typically 21 years or older with a valid government-issued identification.


A very broad slang term for cannabis or substances derived, it can be used to refer to the buds themselves but is also used to talk about a bowl, joint, or pipe. It's suspected the name originates with the Spanish word 'grifa,' which means a drug addict. The slang term was popularized through the movie 'Reefer Madness,' an infamous propaganda piece that attempted to demonize the cannabis plant and its users.


A mature plant, having completed its life cycle (flowering) that is stimulated by a new 18-hour photoperiod, to rejuvenate or produce new vegetative growth.

Relative Humidity

Ratio betwee the amount of moisture in the air and the greatest amount of moisture the air could hold at the same temperature.

Residual Solvent

Any remaining solvent contained within a concentrate post-extraction and purging, there are very strict limits on the amount of residual solvent allowed in cannabis products.


Resin may refer to the dark to light brown substance which is scraped off the surface of the trichomes of a cannabis plant. Further, it is widely used to describe the by-product that sticks by the sides of a bowl or other cannabis holding pieces after smoking the product over a period of time. Some people scrap the resin off their paraphernalia, roll it into balls and smoke. It consists of tar, ash, carbon, and less potent cannabinoids, and is considered unhealthy for smoking.

Resin Glands

Tiny pores that secrete resin in cannabis plants.


To moisten or soak in order to soften and separate the cannabis fibers from the woody tissue by partial rotting.