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Glossary: Industry Terms


To draw or take in, roots absorb water and nutrients.

Acapulco Gold

A strain of Cannabis Sativa that was popular during the 1960's counterculture movement for its potency and unique color.


A sour substance, an acid or sour soil has a low pH.


A hydroponic system that actively moves the nutrient solution.


Heavy clay soil that drains slowly - adobe is not suitable for container growing.

Adult Use

Any use of cannabis by adults, whether for medicine, pleasure, religious purposes or otherwise. 

Adventitious Roots

Roots that grow from unusual spots, as on the (stem) pericycle or endodermis of an older root - auxins may influence this type of growth.


Also called aerification, it is the process by which air is circulated through, mixed with or dissolved in a liquid or substance. Also, it is essential to supply soil and roots with air or oxygen.


Growing cannabis plants by misting roots suspended in air.


A substrate that is of nearly uniform size and used for the inert hydroponic medium.


The process of breaking off and harvesting trichomes from the cannabis flower through physical contact. Agitation can be made more effective by freezing the product prior to agitation.


Having to do with the economics of agriculture.

Alcohol Extraction

A process in which cannabis is placed in alcohol to extract the cannabinoids from the plant. After the plant is allowed to soak in warm (but not boiling) alcohol for 10 - 20 minutes, it is strained through a coffee filter until it is clear. One of the best alcohol products to use is isopropyl alcohol. The product is then boiled, with or without added pressure, to completely remove any and all alcohol. It is very important to make sure that all alcohol is removed, as isopropyl alcohol can cause blindness if ingested. What remains is hash oil containing around 90% of the cannabinoids from the plant. The longer the extraction, the more oily the product.


Refers to soil, or any substance, with a pH over 7.


A process in which an alkyl group is substituted or added to a compound.


Two genes, each of which occupies the same position on two homogeneous chromosomes.

Alternating Current (AC)

An electrical current that reverses its direction at regularly occurring intervals.


Can be either organic or mineral base, amendments change the texture of a growing medium.

Ampere (or Amp)

The unit used to measure the strength of an electric current.


A plant having staminate (male).


Pollinated by wind-dispersed pollen.


A plant that normally completes its entire life cycle in one year or less - cannabis is an annual plant.

Arc Tube

Container for luminous gases; houses the arc in an High-Intensity Discharge (HID) lamp.


A term used to describe the general smell and/or taste of a certain plant or flower. Because consumers’ individual definition of aromas (such as 'earthy,' 'skunky,' 'citrus,' etc.) can differ somewhat, aroma descriptions are meant as a basic guideline.

Asexual Propagation

Reproducing using non-sexual means such as taking cuttings from a parent plant - will produce exact genetic replicas of the parent plant.


The process of shatter or taffy changing consistency into a budder form. Auto-buddering occurs if a product is kept in too high of heat if it has high wax content or a variety of other environmental factors.


Classification of plant hormones, auxins are responsible for foliage and root elongation.