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Glossary: Industry Terms

Ditch Weed

Ditch weed refers to wild, scattered cannabis with low cannabinoid levels that normally grows by the roadside or in the fields - it descended from industrial hemp plant widely cultivated for fiber. 


A dabbing tool with a glass hood that is placed around the nail, and a tiny opening in the top that helps capture and direct the vapor through the rig when it comes off the nail - domes can often be very intricate pieces of art as they are made of glass.

Domeless Nail

A device combining the dome and nail that were originally separate entities. It is usually made from a heat-resistant material such as glass or ceramic and the domeless nail is used for dabbing and allows an individual to inhale smoke through a hole above a narrow section that the substance is dabbed into. Overall, the single piece reduces the mess and frustration of burning your fingers when adjusting the nail and dome combination.


A term used by older individuals and past generations to refer to a joint - the term is still used in certain circles, but its precedence has largely fallen off in recent years, perhaps because it sounds so silly.


Amount of fertilizer, insecticide, etc. given to a cannabis plant, usually in a water solution.

Double Potting

A two-pot transplanting technique that minimizes root disturbances.

Double-Ended Lights

High-Pressure Sodium (or HPS) light designed to deliver high-intensity and supplemental lighting in greenhouse cannabis production. The lights attach to the greenhouse fixture at both ends to increase light intensity for better plant growth. Double ended lights are the latest evolution of traditional cannabis lighting that was developed to make traditional lighting more competitive with Light-Emitting Diode (or LED) lights.


The piece that connects the bowl to the water source. The smoke travels from the bowl containing cannabis through the downstem and into the water so that you can inhale from the bong or bubbler and take in cannabis smoke in a lighter and smoother form. Only devices that involve water filtration require downstems.


To the empty soil of excess water - good drainage allows water to pass through the soil, evenly promoting plant growth and bad drainage is where water stands in the soil, actually drowning roots.

Drip Irrigation System

An efficient watering system that employs a main hose with small water emitters (tiny holes) which meter out water one drip a time at regular, frequent intervals.