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Glossary: Industry Terms


First filial generation, the offspring of two P1 (parent) cannabis plants.


Second filial generation, resulting from a cross between two F1 cannabis plants.

Fan Leaves

Large, fan-like cannabis leaves - fan leaves are usually low in potency.


This refers to a rolled cannabis cigarette or joint which is quite large as it contains a large amount of cannabis. Usually, a fatty is shared among a group of people and can last over a period of time. The common use is, 'Want to smoke a fatty?'


Pistillate, ovule, and seed producing cannabis plant.


Feminized plants come from seeds that have been selectively bred to produce only female plants since they produce flowers (which is where most of the cannabinoids are found) and are the only ones that are used to create cannabis products. Feminized seeds are intended to make things easier for growers by eliminating the need to determine the sex of growing plants and remove males early on to prevent fertilization. Generally, feminized seeds produce the same quality of plants as naturally produced seeds.

Feral Cannabis

Feral cannabis (often referred to as 'ditch weed') is wild-growing cannabis generally descended from industrial hemp plants previously cultivated for fiber, with low or negligible amounts of psychoactive Tetrahydrocannabinol (or THC).


To apply fertilizer and nutrients to cannabis plants' roots and foliage as well as to impregnate male pollen with female plant ovary.

Fertilizer Burn

Over-fertilization - first, leaf tips brown, then leaves curl.


Slang for high-quality cannabis - it will usually have a solid amount of red hairs throughout and tons of crystals, but it may also reference a lighter.