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Glossary: Industry Terms


A landrace refers to a local variety of cannabis that has adapted to the environment of its geographic location. This accounts for genetic variation between landrace strains, which have been crossbred to produce the cannabis variety we see today. Landrace strains are oftentimes named after their native region, like Afghani, Thai, and Hawaiian, and traces of landraces are sometimes detectable in the names of their crossbred descendants.


To dissolve or wash out soluble components of soil by heavy watering.


A plant that is abnormally tall, with few leaves - usually caused by lack of light.

Licensed Facility

Refers to a cannabis business that is fully licensed and compliant in its jurisdiction of operation.

Life Cycle

A series of growth stages through which cannabis must pass in its natural lifetime - the stages are a seed, seedling, vegetative, and flowering.

Light Mover

A device that moves a High-Intensity Discharge (or HID) lamp back and forth or in a circular path across the ceiling of a grow room to provide more balanced lighting.

Light-Emitting Diode (or LED)

A growing light used for growing cannabis, with may possess the ability to produce bigger yields while staying cool and using a reasonable amount of electricity due to their low heat emissions. They have wide light spectrums with focused beams that result in greener and healthier looking buds. It’s ideal for supplemental greenhouse lighting.


Cutting off lover, secondary plant branches to encourage primary growth.


Calcium compounds such as dolomite or hydrated lime that determine or alter soil pH level.

Litmus Paper

Chemically sensitive paper used to indicate pH levels in colorless liquids.

Live Resin

Live resin refers to fresh, frozen cannabis flowers that are used in the extraction of Tetrahydrocannabinol (or THC) concentrates only hours after being cut down from the main plant. The process results in extracts with unique aroma and flavorful taste, being different from extracts made with buds that were dried and cured. Live resin captures and delivers a stronger and pure collection of cannabinoids and terpenes from the trichomes present on the buds and flowers. A live resin is thought to have the highest possible potential for medicinal and psychoactive effects.


Organic soil mixture of crumbly clay, silt, and sand.


A position on a chromosome where a specific gene is located.


Measurement of light output, one lumen is equal to the amount of light emitted by one candle that falls on one square foot (or meter) of surface located one foot (or meter) away from one candle.