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Glossary: Industry Terms

Mother Plant

A 'mother' is typically a large, female cannabis plant held in vegetative state and used for cutting (cloning) stock - a mother plant may be grown from seed or be a clone. Mother plants are what allow growers to produce more of a strain, they could take a half-dozen clones from one mother plant, grow those clones to fruition, and come harvest you have significantly more cannabis to sell than if you had only grown and harvested the mother plant. The loss of a mother plant could mean the potential loss of an entire genetic line of cannabis.


A protective covering for the soil or compost, old leaves, paper, rocks, etc. - indoors, mulch keeps soil too moist and possible fungus could result from and outdoors mulch helps the soil retain and attract moisture.


An inheritable change in genetic material.


The mass of strands that form the root-like part of fungi, often submerged in soil or a host body.