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Glossary: Industry Terms


OG is a term that’s now used to describe many strains, though the term originated to describe Southern California’s Ocean Grown Kush, which was quickly shortened to OG Kush. OG Kush grew quickly in fame and reputation. 

Ohms Power Law

A law that expresses the strength of an electric current: Volts x Amperes = Watts.


Cannabis extraction from hash through alcohol, Carbon Dioxide (CO2), or any other solvent extraction process and is often considered the most potent form of cannabis due to its high Tetrahydrocannabinol (or THC) content. Oil can be consumed through dabbing, oral consumption, vaporization, or smoking. 


A 'one-hitter' is a narrow pipe with a small bowl size for holding enough cannabis for just about one hit. It is a great pipe for those starting out in smoking cannabis, but it also is valued by seasoned consumers since it is light, portable and can easily be used as an on-the-go smoking tool.

Open Blasting

Usually conducted in a glass or metal tube, open blasting is the process of solvent-based extraction done without a closed-loop system.

Open Pollination

Pollination that occurs naturally, as opposed to controlled pollination, no effect of selection from human interference.


The most favorable condition for growth and reproduction or peak production when growing cannabis


Made of, derived from, or related to living organisms - growers of organic cannabis use fertilizers and insect control methods of animal or vegetable origin - unaltered rock powders are also considered organic.


The equalizing movement of fluids through a semi-permeable membrane, such as in a living cell.


Breeding between individual cannabis plants that are not closely related.