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Glossary: Industry Terms


Resin may refer to the dark to light brown substance which is scraped off the surface of the trichomes of a cannabis plant. Further, it is widely used to describe the by-product that sticks by the sides of a bowl or other cannabis holding pieces after smoking the product over a period of time. Some people scrap the resin off their paraphernalia, roll it into balls and smoke. It consists of tar, ash, carbon, and less potent cannabinoids, and is considered unhealthy for smoking.

Resin Glands

Tiny pores that secrete resin in cannabis plants.


To moisten or soak in order to soften and separate the cannabis fibers from the woody tissue by partial rotting.


A unique pipe with a nail or skillet used to consume concentrates like wax or shatter. 'Dabbing' involves heating the nail on the rig to a specific temperature with a handheld torch, which evaporates a dab of concentrate when placed on the heated device. This form of consumption is different than smoking from a bowl or pipe with flower and produces a purer inhalation. Dabbing with a rig is quickly gaining popularity in the cannabis industry.


A roach is the end of a joint and is often too small to be smoked for fear of burning ones fingers. As a result, a roach is typically smoked with a roach clip or saved with other roaches to be used in another, stronger joint or added to a bowl. A roach is brown in color because of it high resin consistency due to smoke deposits settling each time it’s inhaled.

Roach Clip

An often metal clip used for holding the end of a joint (roach) as to prevent burning one's fingers.


To weed out inferior, diseased, or undesirable plants from a crop, field, or population area.

Rolling Paper

A specialty paper used for making cigarettes (commercially manufactured filter cigarettes and individually made roll-your-own cigarettes), rolling papers are packs of several cigarette-size sheets, often folded inside a cardboard wrapper.


The underground part of a cannabis plant - roots function to absorb water and nutrients as well as anchor a plant in the ground or to start rooting a cutting or clone.

Root Hormone

A root-inducing substance used for cloning cannabis plants.