Medical Marijuana Glossary

Medical Marijuana Glossary

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to empty soil of excess water - Good drainage: water passes through soil, evenly promoting plant growth and Bad drainage: water stands in soil, actually drowning roots

Drip (Irrigation) System

efficient watering system that employs a main hose with small water emitters (tiny holes) which meter out water one drip a time at regular, frequent intervals

Drip Line

a line around a plant directly under its outermost branch tips: Roots seldom grow beyond the drip line

Dry Ice

cold, white solid substance formed when CO2 is compressed and cooled: Dry ice changes into CO2 gas at room temperatures

Dry Soil Pocket

small portion of soil that remains dry after watering: Dry soil pockets may be remedied by adding a wetting agent (soap) to water and/or waiting 15 minutes between watering

Dry Well

drain hole filled with rocks, to receive drainage water



a solid electric conductor used to establish electrical arc between contacts at either end of an HID lamp


to grow in length: Cannabis stretches from three inches to a foot when flowering is induced


bubble of air in the transpiration stream of a cutting; blocks uptake of water and nutrients


a young plant, developing within the seed: In cannabis, an embryo is derived from a fertilized ovule


to give off, send out (as light or sound, etc.)

Encarsia Formosa

a parasitic wasp that preys on whiteflies


outer protective bulb or jacket of a lamp

Epsom Salts

hydrated magnesium sulfate in the form of white crystalline salt: Epsom salts add magnesium to soil


when sun crosses the equator and day and night are each 12 hours long: The equinox happens twice a year

Essential Oils

volatile oils that give plants their characteristic odor or flavor; contained in the secreted resins of plants

Ethane Methyl Sulfonate

a mutagenic chemical that causes changes at the DNA level; induces genetic mutations


growth of a plant in total darkness to increase the chances of root initiation



first filial generation, the offspring of two P1 (parent) plants


second filial generation, resulting from a cross between two F1 plants

Fan Leaves

large, fan-like marijuana leaves: Fan leaves are usually low in potency


pistillate, ovule, and seed producing


1. to apply fertilizer (nutrients) to roots and foliage 2. to impregnate (unite) male pollen with female plant ovary

Fertilizer Burn

over fertilization; first, leaf tips brown (turn brown), then leaves curl


a shallow container used to start seedlings or clones

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