Medical Marijuana Glossary

Medical Marijuana Glossary

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very small, one-celled plants that have no chlorophyll

Bag Seed

the common term given seed of unknown origin that was found in a bag of cannabis


a stabilizing unit that regulates the flow of electricity and starts an HID lamp - a ballast consist of a transformer and a capacitor

Beneficial Insect

a good insect that eats bad, marijuana-munching insects


to decompose through natural bacterial action - substances made of organic matter can be broken down naturally


the production of a chemical compound by a plant


household laundry bleach is used in a mild water solution to sterilize grow rooms and as soil fungicide

Blood Meal

high-nitrogen organic fertilizer made from dried


to yield flowers

Bloom Booster

fertilizer high in phosphorus and potassium that increases flower yield and weight 


a very short or dwarfed plant


small spur-like foliage that grows from the stem at the point from which flowers emerge

Breaker Box

electrical circuit box having on/off switches rather than fuses: The main breaker box is also called a 'service panel'


to sexually propagate cannabis under controlled circumstances


1. a small, undeveloped stem or shoot 2. a collection of (flowering) calyxes on a branch

Bud Blight

a withering condition that attacks flower buds


a substance that reduces that shock and cushions against fluctuations: Many fertilizers contain buffer agents


outer glass envelope or jacket that protects the arc tube of an HID lamp

Bulbous Trichome

ball-shaped, resin-producing plant hair without a stalk