Medical Marijuana Glossary

Medical Marijuana Glossary

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fungus disease that attacks young seedlings and clones causing stem to rot at base: Over-watering is the main cause of damping-off


to rot or decay, etc., through organic chemical change


to remove moisture from the air


to remove water from foliage


to exhaust soil of nutrients, making it infertile: Once a soil is used to grow a container crop, it is depleted


to cause to dry up: Insecticidal soap desiccates its victims


liquid soap concentrate used: 1. as a wetting agent for sprays and water 2. pesticide, Note: detergent must be totally organic to be safe for plants


a period of plant dormancy during which growth or development is suspended or diminished 


a population consisting of gynoecious and androecious plants


a condition where separate sexes occur on separate individuals; each plant displays a single gender

Direct Current (DC)

a continuous electric current that only flows in one direction


sickness of any kind


amount of fertilizer, insecticide, etc., given to a plant, usually in a water solution

Double Potting

a two-pot transplanting technique that minimizes root disturbances


to empty soil of excess water - Good drainage: water passes through soil, evenly promoting plant growth and Bad drainage: water stands in soil, actually drowning roots

Drip (Irrigation) System

efficient watering system that employs a main hose with small water emitters (tiny holes) which meter out water one drip a time at regular, frequent intervals

Drip Line

a line around a plant directly under its outermost branch tips: Roots seldom grow beyond the drip line

Dry Ice

cold, white solid substance formed when CO2 is compressed and cooled: Dry ice changes into CO2 gas at room temperatures

Dry Soil Pocket

small portion of soil that remains dry after watering: Dry soil pockets may be remedied by adding a wetting agent (soap) to water and/or waiting 15 minutes between watering

Dry Well

drain hole filled with rocks, to receive drainage water