Medical Marijuana Glossary

Medical Marijuana Glossary

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a solid electric conductor used to establish electrical arc between contacts at either end of an HID lamp


to grow in length: Cannabis stretches from three inches to a foot when flowering is induced


bubble of air in the transpiration stream of a cutting; blocks uptake of water and nutrients


a young plant, developing within the seed: In cannabis, an embryo is derived from a fertilized ovule


to give off, send out (as light or sound, etc.)

Encarsia Formosa

a parasitic wasp that preys on whiteflies


outer protective bulb or jacket of a lamp

Epsom Salts

hydrated magnesium sulfate in the form of white crystalline salt: Epsom salts add magnesium to soil


when sun crosses the equator and day and night are each 12 hours long: The equinox happens twice a year

Essential Oils

volatile oils that give plants their characteristic odor or flavor; contained in the secreted resins of plants

Ethane Methyl Sulfonate

a mutagenic chemical that causes changes at the DNA level; induces genetic mutations


growth of a plant in total darkness to increase the chances of root initiation