Medical Marijuana Glossary

Medical Marijuana Glossary

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first filial generation, the offspring of two P1 (parent) plants


second filial generation, resulting from a cross between two F1 plants

Fan Leaves

large, fan-like marijuana leaves: Fan leaves are usually low in potency


pistillate, ovule, and seed producing


1. to apply fertilizer (nutrients) to roots and foliage 2. to impregnate (unite) male pollen with female plant ovary

Fertilizer Burn

over fertilization; first, leaf tips brown (turn brown), then leaves curl


a shallow container used to start seedlings or clones


blossom, a mass of calyxes on a stem, top, or bud


the leaves, or more generally, the green part of a plant

Foliar Feed

misting fertilizer solution, which is absorbed by the foliage

Foot-Candle (fc)

one fc is equal to the amount of light that falls on one square foot of surface located one foot away from one candle


to fuse or embed nutrients with a glass compound: Fritted Trace Elements (FTE) is long lasting and do not easily leach out of substrate


product that destroys or inhibits fungus


product that inhibits fungus


a lower plant (lacking chlorophyll) that may attack green plants: Mold, rust, mildew, mushrooms, and bacteria are fungi


an electrical safety device made of a metal that melts and interrupts the circuit when overloaded

Fuse Box

Electrical circuit box containing circuits controlled by fuses