Medical Marijuana Glossary

Medical Marijuana Glossary

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a reproductive cell specialized for fertilization, having the hapliod number of chromosomes: a mature pollen grain or ovule capable of fusing with a gamete of the opposite sex to produce the embryo


slang term for cannabis, from the Indian (Hindustani) word for marijuana


part of a chromosome that influences the development and the potency of a plant: Genes are inherited through sexual propagation

Gene Pool

collection of possible gene combinations in an available population

Genetic Makeup

the genes inherited from parent plants: Genetic makeup is the most important factor dictating vigor and potency


specific genetic makeup of an individual, which determines the physical appearance of that individual


the sum total of the genetic or hereditary materials in a species


a class of plant growth hormone used to promote stem elongation: Gibberellic acid is a form of gibberellin


removing a strip of bark or crushing the stem of a plant - girdling limits the flow of nutrients, water, and plant products, which can kill the plant

Glandular Trichome

plant hair gland which secretes resin


gallons per minute

Green Lacewing

insect that preys on aphids, thrips, whiteflies, etc. and their larva and offspring


a heated structure with transparent/translucent walls and ceiling which offer some environmental control to promote plant growth


dung from birds, high in organic nutrients: Seabird guano is noted for being high in nitrogen, and bat guano is high in phosphorus


an individual plant having all pistillate flowers: in reference to a population, all-female