Medical Marijuana Glossary

Medical Marijuana Glossary

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is a (wild) cannabis variety that is not improved by humans


to dissolve or wash out soluble components of soil by heavy watering


plant that is abnormally tall, with few leaves - usually cause by lack of light

Life Cycle

a series of growth stages through which cannabis must pass in its natural life-time: The Stages are seed, seedling, vegetative, and floral

Light Mover

a device that moves a lamp back and forth or in a circular path across the ceiling of a grow room to provide move balanced light


cutting off lover, secondary plant branches to encourage primary growth


calcium compounds such as dolomite or hydrated lime that determine or alter soil pH level

Litmus Paper

chemically sensitive paper used to indicate pH levels in colorless liquids


organic soil mixture of crumbly clay, silt, and sand


a position on a chromosome where a specific gene is located


measurement of light output - one lumen is equal to the amount of light emitted by one candle that falls on one square foot of surface located one foot away from one candle