Medical Marijuana Glossary

Medical Marijuana Glossary

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organism that lives on or in another host organism without benefiting the host: Fungus is a parasite


hydroponic system that moves the nutrient solution through absorption or capillary action


a disease-causing micro-organism, especially bacteria, fungi, and viruses


partially decomposed vegetation (usually moss) with slow decay due to extreme moisture, cold, and acidic conditions


a plant, such as a tree or shrub, which completes its life cycle over several years


amendment of sand or volcanic glass expanded by heat, which aerates the soil or growth medium


a scale from 0 - 14 that measure a growing medium's acid to alkaline balance: a pH of 7 is neutral, lower numbers indicate increasing acidity, and higher numbers increasing alkalinity: Cannabis grows best in a 6.5 to 8 pH range

pH Tester

electronic instrument or chemical used to measure the acid and alkaline balance in soil or water


the outward form, characteristic and appearance of a plant, determined by the interaction of the individual genotype with the environment phloem: the food- and water-conducting tissue of vascular plants

Phosphor Coating

internal fluorescent bulb coating that diffuses light and affects various color outputs

Phosphorus (P)

one of the macronutrients that promote root and flower growth


the relationship between the length of light and dark in a 24-hour period; affects the growth and maturity of cannabis


the building of chemical compounds (carbohydrates that plants need for growth) from light energy, water and CO2


the environmental response movement of a plant part toward or away from a light source


the arrangement of leaves on a stem, and the principles that govern such arrangement


a completely enclosed indoor area with extensive environmental growth (and study) of plants


the substance in paint or anything that absorbs light, producing (reflecting) the same color as the pigment


female, having pistils but no functional stamens


small pair of fuzzy white hairs extending from top of female calyx: Pistils catch pollen and channel it into contact with the ovule for fertilization


fine, yellow, dust-like microspores containing male genes

Pollen Sack

male flowering containing pollen


the transfer of male pollen from the anther to the stigma of the same or a different flower to fertilize ovules which produce seeds

Polyhybrid Cross

a hybrid plant crossbred for more than one trait


1. container for growing medium 2. American slang word for marijuana

Potassium (K)

one of the macronutrients necessary for plant life

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