Medical Marijuana Glossary

Medical Marijuana Glossary

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the part of a plant seedling that develops into a root, the root tip


hydroponic system that reclaims the nutrient solution and recycles it


a mature plant, having completed its life cycle (flowering) that is stimulated by a new 18-hour photoperiod, to rejuvenate or produce new vegetative growth

Relative Humidity

ratio between the amount of moisture in the air and the greatest amount of moisture the air could hold at the same temperature

Resin Glands

tiny pores that secrete resin


to moisten or soak in order to soften and separate the fibers from the woody tissue by partial rotting


to weed out inferior, diseased, or undesirable plants from a crop, field, or population area


1. the underground part of a plant: Roots function to absorb water and nutrients as well as anchor a plant in the ground 2. to root (start) a cutting or clone

Root Hormone

root-inducing substance