Medical Marijuana Glossary

Medical Marijuana Glossary

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crystalline compound that results from improper pH or toxic build-up of fertilizer: Salt will burn plants, preventing them from absorbing nutrients


the shoot (containing buds) that is used for grafting

Screen of Green (SCROG)

a growing medium which involves training cannabis shoots onto a net, trellis, or chicken wire


to scrape and roughen the surface: Seeds with a hard outer shell germinate faster when scuffed

Sea of Green (SOG)

a method of growing tightly spaced cloned plantlets - clones are flowered almost immediately after rooting for a small yield per plant, but no wasted space


airtight sealer for plastic baggies used to seal in freshness of pungent marijuana

Secondary Nutrients

calcium (Ca) and magnesium (Mg): Ca and Mg are considered to be primary nutrients by some sources


the mature, fertilized ovule of a pistillate plant, containing a protective shell, embryo, and supply of food: A seed will germinate and grow, given heat and moisture

Seed Pod

a dry calyx containing a mature or maturing seed


to fertilize with pollen from the same flower or plant; self-pollinating


the (declining) growth stage in a plant or plant part from its prime to death

Sexual Propagation

in plants, the reproduction by means of seed following fertilization


slang term for 'Bunk,' lower growth, or least potent portion of harvest: small particles of cannabis broken off the main 'nug' inside a bag due to rough handling: Many times, shake is flaked or powder-like and used for cooking

Short Circuit

condition that results when wires cross and form a circuit - a short circuit will trip breaker switches and blow fuses


two Spanish words: sin = without, semilla = seed, combined into one word by Americans: Sinsemilla describes potent marijuana from flowering female cannabis plants kept seedless by preventing pollination in order to promote a high THC content


1. cleaning agent 2. wetting agent 3. insecticide: All soap used in horticulture should be biodegradable


threaded, wired holder for a light bulb

Soilless Mix

a growing medium made up of mineral particles such as vermiculite, perlite, sand, pumice, etc.: Organic moss is often a component of soilless mix


able to be dissolved in liquid, especially water


1. a mixture of two or more solids, liquids, or gases, often with water 2. answer to a problem

Sponge Rock

large pieces of perlite, a light, mineral soil amendment


seed-like offspring of certain bacteria, fungi, algae, and some non-flowering plants


1. a shoot of a plant, as from a recently germinated seed 2. small, new growth of leaf or stem

Square Feet (sq. ft.)

length x wide; a measurement of area


motionless air or water: for healthy cannabis growth, water must drain and not become stagnant

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