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Industry Terms & Commonly Used Slang

Scratching your head over what “kief” is? 

Since many of our learners are newbies in the cannabis industry, you might see confusing words or phrases in the community. Browse our glossary to find a variety of cannabis term definitions and become more educated on industry terminology. 

This glossary will clear up the confusion and get you speaking like a native GC'er in no time! Also, please add new glossary terms if you see anything missing.

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Ice Wax

Ice wax is a solvent-less bubble hash that is collected using ice and water to separate the trichomes or Tetrahydrocannabinol (or THC) from the frozen cannabis plant matter and then filtering it through screens of varying microns. It has a fine, grainy texture that looks a lot like beach sand. The product melts fully leaving behind little to no residual residue, indicating very little cannabis plant matter in its structure.


The set of characteristics by which an ingredient or product is specifically recognizable or known.


The process of putting a system, plan, or standard into place.


Continually bettering your systems and processes to ensure the highest quality is provided.

In-Process Control

Checks performed during production to monitor, and, if necessary, to adjust the process to ensure that the product conforms to its specification. The control of the environment and equipment may also be considered part of in-process controls.

In-Process Material

Any material that is compounded, blended, ground, extracted, sifted, sterilized, or prepared in any other way by the operation for use in manufacturing, packaging, or labeling.

Inactive Ingredient

Any component other than an active ingredient.


The process of breeding cannabis solely within the seed lot with no external pollen inputs.


It refers to one of the three species of cannabis namely Sativa, Ruderalis and Indica. The plant traces its origin from the Hindu Kush Mountains in India, Pakistan, and Afghanistan. Majority of the Indica plants are small with broad leaves and produce a lot of buds. The plant has higher levels of Tetrahydrocannabinol (or THC) compared to Cannabidiol (or CBD) and has many medical benefits like relaxing muscles, treating chronic pain and helping with sleep due to its sedative properties.

Indica-Sativa Hybrid

This refers to the crossbreed of an Indica and Sativa, some hybrids contain an equal mix of the two species, providing an overall head and body high. Other hybrids are dominated by either Sativa or Indica. Indica dominant strains have higher Tetrahydrocannabinol (or THC) levels while Sativa dominant strains are higher in the Cannabidiol (or CBD).

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