Industry Terms

Industry Terms & Commonly Used Slang

Scratching your head over what “kief” is? 

Since many of our learners are newbies in the cannabis industry, you might see confusing words or phrases in the community. Browse our glossary to find a variety of cannabis term definitions and become more educated on industry terminology. 

This glossary will clear up the confusion and get you speaking like a native GC'er in no time! Also, please add new glossary terms if you see anything missing.

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Warning Letter

A letter sent by the government agencies or other regulatory bodies to a company indicating that cannabis industry violations were found. The expectation is that the company will respond with a designated time for an acceptable corrective action plan.

Washing Machine

A tool for making bubble hash that mechanically mixes the cannabis and ice mixture.

Water Activity (AW)

A measure of the free moisture in a component or product, it is the quotient of the water vapor pressure of the substance divided by the vapor pressure of pure water at the same temperature.

Water Hash

Also known as ice water hash or bubble hash, is a specific technique to separate Tetrahydrocannabinol (or THC) trichomes to isolate the resin in cannabis. Using micro screens, ice, and water, one can effectively strain out resin glands that are inherently more dense than water. Large quantities of pure resin can be removed from the plant material, water ice water separation is a cleaner method that doesn’t involve other solvents and allows for a more refined hashish.

Water Table

It refers to the underground surface within which the soil is saturated with water and optimum soil-air environment conditions should be maintained within the root zone in order to achieve good crop yields.

Water Use Plan

A Water Use Plan documents an operation’s plans and procedures for water sourcing, storage, use, discharge, and testing. It defines the frequency for water testing and analysis and procedures to ensure tests are conducted as scheduled and incorporates local water regulations.


It is a general term used to refer to extracts that are solid, opaque and with a soft texture. In its preparation, cannabis buds are packed tightly into a tube and then blasted with butane (a highly flammable liquid) that separates the trichomes from the material resulting in a concentrated substance. It is available in different consistencies and variations like honeycomb, crumble, earwax, sugar etc. with the difference arising from the extraction and purging process used in each variety’s production. 

Waxes and Lipid Fats

Naturally occurring substances found within the cannabis plant; waxes and lipid fats are often removed during shatter concentrate production.


Another slang term for cannabis and it’s frequently used, specifically in reference to flower.

Wetting Agent

A compound that reduces the droplet size and lowers the surface tension of the water, making it wetter, so a liquid concentrate dish soap is a good wetting agent if it is biodegradable.

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